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Technology Implementation Partner

We believe that all the tech tools NGOs need already exist, and there are many software developers in the sector. However, NGOs don't need custom development; they need help selecting the right tool based on the skill set of the people in the organization and their specific needs. In addition, they need assistance with training and change management.

Legal Status

Tech for Social Good (logo and the name) is a registered trademark, and we are a for-proft company registered as Quorix Innovation Labs (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

registered in September 2023

Founder's Profile

2023-08-03 (8)_edited.jpg

Piyali, with a background in Computer Application (BSc) and an MCA degree, brings over a decade of experience working with nonprofits. In August 2023, she started Tech for Social Good to address a critical gap in the market.


Many tech companies focus on creating tech products, but nonprofits need more than that. They require support with analyzing their needs, finding the right solutions, training their teams, managing change, and ongoing help beyond product development.

Piyali realized that many nonprofits lack the skills and resources for these challenges, and tech companies often don't provide the support they need. So, she founded Tech for Social Good to bridge this gap.

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Piyali Paul
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