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My Trusted HRMS Software Picks

Over the last five years, I've evaluated (evaluated by using, I don't rely solely on demos for many obvious reasons) more than 20 HRMS software solutions. Here, I am sharing my top picks based on my experience.

PS: I'm not getting paid by or affiliated with any software I list in this article.

I can't recommend Zoho People enough if you manage a large organisation with over 100 employees. This modern and robust HRMS system excels in various aspects, including leave tracking, attendance management (covering biometrics and location tracking), comprehensive performance management (self-appraisal, manager's feedback, 360-degree feedback, KPI setting, and rating), as well as efficient recruitment tracking. While the price may appear steep for smaller organisations, it's well worth it for larger ones.

What truly stands out:

  • The user interface is exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly. Whether you're a regular user or a system admin, navigating the system is a breeze.

  • Zoho People seamlessly integrates with other Zoho systems, such as Zoho Books, Zoho Expense, and more. This scalability ensures you can expand your usage as your organisation grows and encounters increasingly complex needs.

  • Given its substantial day-to-day operational advantages, NGOs can benefit from discounts on the listed pricing, making it an economically viable choice for larger organisations.

As my second favourite, I use GrooveHR in my organisation, primarily for leave management. It offers a free version with solid functionality suitable for organisations with fewer than 50 employees. Its user interface rivals Zoho's, making it an excellent choice for smaller setups.

For larger organisations seeking more advanced features, GrooveHR offers paid versions that can cater to their needs. However, Zoho People have a more comprehensive solution if your organisation falls into this category.

While numerous HRMS software options exist, these two stand out as tried and tested solutions I hold in high regard.

Additional Information:

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Do you have any favourites? Comment below, and I'll try to evaluate them, too (in case I haven't already).

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