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Organization-Wide Tech Needs Assessment

What we did: We teamed up with Transforma to help them understand their tech needs across the organization. Since they didn't have a inhouse tech team, we looked into how different project teams were using tech and what was missing.

Tool used: Interviews with various teams and project leads.

How did the organization manage it before? Without an in-house tech team, the organization received ad hoc requests for tech products from different teams. However, as part of their strategic efforts, they aimed to gain a holistic understanding of the entire organization's tech needs.

Do you need assistance in conducting an Organization-Wide Tech Needs Assessment?

Our Support Areas

1. Conducting interviews with individual teams and team leads.

2. Creating a tech needs assessment document.

3. This forms the foundation of a tech roadmap that the organization is working on for phase 2.

4. Support on Phase 2/Tech Implementation.

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